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Ballot battle

Update:  Childers and Davis will run it off on May 13.

When you vote next Tuesday, you’ll see six names on the ballot to fill our open U. S. House of Representatives slot until the “permanent” November election. Two candidates, however, Steve Holland and Glenn McCullough, have requested that their names be taken off the ballot since they lost their run-offs a couple of weeks ago. I’m confused. Since they lost their respective party races, shouldn’t they be taken off this ballot? Oh well, be sure not to waste a vote on either of these two who have announced they will not accept the position.


Goodbye and Hello!

Tippah County will be saying “goodbye” soon to Benchcraft who recently terminated 400 employees and will eventually shut down all operations in Ripley. Almost in the same breath, an announcement was made that an Illinois company has bought three of Benchcraft’s facilities and hopes to sell them to a Toyota supplier. Even in Tippah County, you can feel the breath of fresh air emanating from Blue Springs.


New Albany Housing

It’s obvious that change is taking place before our eyes in NA and Union County. It’s also obvious that more adaptations will be required in all aspects of our community to accomodate growth in the near future. Let’s put our heads (and keyboards) together and work out some solutions. Aside from the alcohol issue (please!), let’s pursue some other avenues. For starters, what about housing? If the Board of Alderman and Board of Supervisors came to you for your input, what would you suggest that we add/change/revise to our current “plan” for growth in the housing department. Fire away!


Open Mic

Open MicPosted by Justin Robbins

I’ve got to get this rant off my chest. Did anyone see Bro. Steve Cokely interviewed on one of the local news stations last year? There was some kind of “freedom” conference held at Rust College, of which he was a guest. The subject on which he was interviewed was how racist drug laws entrap black men, i.e. crack carrying a stiffer penalty than powdered cocaine.

Some of you may recognize Steve Cokely. He was tightly bound to the late Khalid Muhammed and Louis Farakhan. Cokely was the origin of Jeremiah Wrights statements accusing whites of infecting black people with AIDS. Cokely’s version had Jews infecting black children with the virus. Cokely was once an aid to the mayor of Chicago until he went bats@#t crazy. Not too crazy to speak at a conference on black leadership at Rust, apparently. He has spent a lifetime minimizing the holocaust along with Muhammed and Farakhan.

It’s hard to be so controversial as to be relegated to the fringes of the Nation of Islam, but he managed to do it. His web site http://stevecokely.com/, is adorned with a sniper rifle running the length of the page along the left side, and the center is filled with rantings of a paranoid black supremecist denoting short clips, the unadulterated full length versions are available for a small “donation”. I may be confused but I thought Rust was supported through the methodist church.

I am frankly worried about the rise of a religion, just next door, that claims white people are an aberrant creation of a black scientist created to curse black people, that we are almost human -lacking final evolution.

There is a religion growing next door that actually thinks-according to their founder, Elijah Muhammed-that whites are actually blue eyed devils. No, not figuratively speaking, no metaphor, we are actually evil incarnate. I laughed when I read it until I realized that hundreds of people a day are joining this religion. Not only that, but “christian” adjuncts are obvious in the late controversy over Obama’s mentor and pastor. I have been livid since the day the interview aired and thought maybe in light of the recent controversy, someone else might share the same fear, or repulsion.

Got an open mic rant or topic to discuss? Send it to submit@newalbanytalks.com!


Cell free?

Interesting study says cell phones are more dangerous than smoking.  I’m for banning cell phones in public anyway.


Well, folks, this is a big moment for newalbanytalks.com. We just found out that several of you posters were mentioned in the Daily Journal regarding the alcohol issue (for some reason, they found it was more popular than other topics . . . go figure!). Check it out at djournal.com. Thank you again for participating!

On another note, we just passed 30,000 hits this morning! Keep up the chatter!


Ever Growing Sportsplex

Looks like the kiddies will have a place to cool off this summer at the Sportsplex. The new spray park is slated to be ready this summer complete with water slide. Looks like tennis courts and more soccer fields are coming too. Keep it up, Capaning (director) . . . looks like a good draw for our community.


Jobs, jobs, jobs

Looks like Toyota supplier Vuteq is a done deal. By the way, that’s all the ruckus you’re seeing out Highway 30 west. This brings potential for over 600 jobs. Keep ‘em coming Toyota! Let’s hope this is just the beginning . . .


Has anyone heard whether the lighting project for downtown will be funded or not? The Board discussed this matter at the last meeting and I believe the $14,000+ needed to complete the project is in their hands to disperse. Just curious. Must be one heckuva light show.



There’s some noticeable construction/destruction going on at the Sportsplex.  Is this the new children’s water “spray” park?  My impression was that a location had not yet been determined.


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